Eternally we are all playing roles for each other yet we all take our lunch breaks, sit at a big table having our meal and then get back into it once we are done eating. Like a cosmic dining hall. A place where we have unlimited funds on our meal card to nourish our souls with the diversity of food and drink required to meet the needs of infinity and back. 


Have you ever seen the Looney Toons where Sam Sheep-Dog and Ralph Wolf punch in their timeclock for the day cordially saying “Good morning Ralph.” “Good Morning Sam.” To each other then begin to be adversaries for their time at work? 


They take lunch breaks, even being in mid-punch or about to throw the other off a cliff but when that lunch bell rings they stop, have their lunch, and return to that same spot when done. 


What a cosmic cartoon that has a wildly inappropriate amount of violence for young minds to see in my opinion (but that is an entirely different discussion on TV of past decades).


As we take these breaks to recharge, as I discussed in part 1, we can take a moment to see the broader perspective of our lives. The roles we play for each other and how they have served us in various ways. We can’t always see it when we are fully in the thick of it. It can be hard but not impossible, it just takes practice and a dedication to seeing life from a zoomed-out perspective at times knowing you are here to play on this playground of life, learn things, experience things, expand your consciousness and potentially clear your karmic wheel. All if you so choose… or not. It truly is your choice. 


When we take a broader perspective we are pulling way back, zooming way out to see how we serve the people in our lives and how they serve us. How they have triggered us, how we have triggered them. How the synchronicities of the challenges and the beauty unfolded in masterful ways. How tumultuous relationships brought lessons and leveling-up experiences. How people supported us without us knowing it. How we found a helping hand when times were dark, and a million other insights. 


This broader perspective can bring deep understanding, detachment, compassion, and love for it all and how it has served us.


This is not to negate the intense trauma and emotional experience of life. When things are full-blown right here right now, it is the hardest to see it all unfolding. It is during those metaphorical lunch breaks and tea time. The space to step back and see it for all that it is. 


When we really begin to see the roles that we play for each other, sweeping statements about a person being “good” or “bad” becomes irrelevant and elementary. There is so much more to it, so much more purpose, richness, and color.


“You’d been workin too hard Ralph. Why don’t you take tomorrow off? I can handle both jobs.” says Sam to Ralph who has 2 black eyes, one arm in a sling, and is barely able to stand upright. I can write an entire article about Sam handling both jobs. Oh, the metaphors in that! 


I invite you to take a broader view at times. Fly up above the situation like an eagle seeing it all from a higher vantage point. What do you see? What becomes clearer to you? What did you see that you haven’t seen before? What did you see about yourself that you weren’t aware of? What did you see in another person that you weren’t able to see from the ground? What’s the lesson in it for you? 


The vantage point of broader perspective over time is a growing depth of appreciation and unconditional love for what has served your own evolution and expansion of consciousness. An appreciation and honor for yourself, your power, your lessons, and your ability to love. 


“Better luck next time Ralph.” 

“Oh sure, you can’t win ’em all, ya know. Thanks.” as Sam hands him his lunch box. 

“Nice day ah Sam.”

“Yup good to be alive, Ralph.” As they walk into the sunset together with an arm over each other’s shoulders. 


You might be sharing a pot pie with your biggest adversary in the cosmic dining hall one day and you might say “Thank you for that. What a ride that was.”