Fear. It doesn’t help to ignore it or lie to yourself that you don’t have it.

You also don’t need to take action from your feelings of fear. Do you know where you are taking action from?

Are your fears valid? YES, always. You can create lines of understanding from all fears that ever existed. They make sense somehow.

But do you want to make your life choices from fear or from your more wise-expanded-higher self?

Here’s how you can process fear so you don’t take action from your place of fear.

1-Acknowledge what you are feeling. This can be a verbal acknowledgment like “ I’m scared.” Accept it.

2-Are you able to feel the fear in your body? This can be the trickier part if you aren’t used to consciously feeling your emotions as physical sensations.
When felt, emotions move. Always. Sometimes they need some time if they have been thwarted or stuck for a while. But they will and ALWAYS will move.
Fear tends to grip and contract. Where are you gripping and contracted?

3- Communicate with your fear. “I am scared because….”


“What are you afraid of (insert your name)?”


“What is the worst that can happen?”


“Fear, what do I need to understand about you? What are you showing me?”

Answer the needed questions and continue with communication with more specifics as necessary. Then really notice what your fear WANTS and NEEDS.

4- What does fear WANT you to do? What action does fear want you to take? Does it want you to run for the hills? Hide? Fight? Walk away? Wall up? Etc.

5- Now what does fear NEED? What do YOU need? This is different from what fear wants you to do. So what do you need? Comfort? Safety? A hug? To be understood and heard? To take a nap? To be with loved ones? To go outside?

Do you see the difference between the want and need?

The want comes from instinctual protection and the need is giving yourself what you require for healing and expansion. To move through the fear, so you can create a completion cycle and move on from it.

Sometimes we actually need to “run” consciously to move through the fear. When these actions are done CONSCIOUSLY, it makes a complete difference from doing it on autopilot.
The “run” can look like many different things that are unique to each person and situation but the essence is moving through the energetics of what is inside you so you can complete it and then exist in another space.

6-Give yourself what you need and let those feelings flow. Feel them. Dance with them.

7- Bring in the NEW. The space left from the clearing is now open for a new paradigm, understanding, way of being, choice or decision. When ready, choose and breathe it into all the spaces in your body and being.

8- Take action from your expanded space.

9-REPEAT. REPEAT. REPEAT with any and all emotions and situations!

This process is a simple formula yet it’s something humans have been taught to ignore. To ignore FEELING.

It can be scary as hell to FEEL especially when one has been emotionally stuffing and compartmentalizing for a lifetime.

I’ve been guiding people through this type of process for close to 15 years through Myofascial release and coaching/mentoring because it works. And quickly!
This is why I am always saying to people-“Can you lean in or sink into that?” Because your answers are right there within you, you just haven’t known how to access them.

This isn’t the end all be all. But it’s foundational. PRIMARY.

Humans are FEELING beings. We experience everything through feel. And YES, there is SO much to feel it can be completely overwhelming at times. All the more reason to anchor within instead of being dragged around from external stimulus and fear triggers in the world.

When we become AWARE and FEEL, we can clear and become free from things/old paradigms/traumas that have been on pause or thwarted for a long time that are triggered in the NOW. We can release the vibrational line from its origin to now.

The paradigm can break free from you, and YOU can be free of it. Then MOVE on to another vibrational space within you.

Sometimes it takes a few breaths Sometimes it’s layers upon layers over time.

Yet it’s always transformation. And transmutation if you choose so.

So let’s get back to fear. With everything going on in this world…are you acting from your fear?

Are you talking to your inner self/higher self/your wisdom? Are you asking yourself questions? Or are you pulled all over the place from the fear triggers in this world?

Did you know your thoughts aren’t ALL of you and there is a whole entire feeling aspect of you within?

Did you know you can be afraid and not act from that space?

Did you know you can take a pause to feel into what’s really going on within you before taking action?

Did you know you don’t have to feel pressured by outside sources to take action if you don’t feel clear on what action to take next?

Wherever you are LIVING from right now…it’s ok. It really is OKAY.

Take the information you discovered from the above questions and DECIDE where you want to BE next. Where you want to LIVE from.

Know you are more powerful than you realize but your power is “FELT” right along with “thought” about.

In fact, when you anchor into your power, your fear will still surface but you can see it for what it is. It still might be strong and all-encompassing but you are WISE.

Acknowledge it.

Honor it.

Even love it.

Know it’s teaching you something. Know it’s been a foundational part of the human experience. Know that you can expand away from its grip and free yourself. You can let it go. Move through it. Disengage from its claws.

Leave it behind and create a new state of being.

Know it won’t hold that same charge next time in that scenario because you’ve processed it instead of cycling endlessly through it.

And this is the mastery of the human experience as a FEELING being. And everyone can do it. But you might have not known how, and now you do.

Share. Save. Apply to your life.