There is a dance or communion or harmony between DECISIONS and SURRENDER. ⁣We could talk about this as the masculine and feminine energetics within each of us. ⁣
The masculine container or infrastructure for the feminine to flow through non-linearly. ⁣Like the river bed for the river to flow.⁣
One without the other is incomplete. Yet balance or full integration of both is not about 50/50 all the time in its LIVED embodiment. ⁣It’s about a sliding scale or a swinging pendulum we are constantly adjusting for our own needs. 🌟
WITHOUT CONSCIOUS CHOICES we can become lost and are choosing unconsciously through habits and patterns already established that might not even be serving us. ⁣
WITHOUT SURRENDER we become gripped and controlling. We lose the capacity to intuit, relish the moment, and experience an expanded view of our reality. ⁣
We create the parameters for our life here on earth from the broadest purpose where all experiences fall within it. To the specific containers in our lives in all ways. ⁣Sometimes our alignment is calling for us to CHOOSE, CLAIM, OWN. ⁣
Other times we are called to SURRENDER more or entirely as the decisions have been made and the process is not meant to be micromanaged by our conscious human mind that can only understand a small fraction of how the process is best unfolding. ⁣
The thing is with “spiritual” or transformational concepts, we need to know where we ARE with this in each moment. Meaning, what you need right now is not why someone else needs to adjust or practice. And what you need continuously changes in each moment. ⁣We can go deeper within to understand what is being asked of us from our higher space. ⁣And to get even more intimate with ourselves and understand our defaults. ⁣
The hyper-vigilant ones might need to integrate more allowing, surrender, flow. ⁣
The ones not choosing or waiting for things to happen might need more conscious choices being made, and potentially a claiming of your worth and deserving of your choices.⁣
Of course, there is so many subtle beautiful nuances to this but I felt called to share today. ⁣
PS: This is not really about feminine and masculine human expression. This is about the deeper masculine and feminine templates of these energetics.