I see it so much in the work I do with people. I see people at odds with their pain, their body, and wondering why therapies, spirituality, and mindset shifts aren’t really working.

There are some misconceptions out there about pain, what we can create in our lives and in our bodies and the healing journey. Many people struggle with the idea that they should be able to think their pain away, but can’t.  Then they feel bad about themselves for not being about to accomplish that. Now, even though we can be the creators of our reality, even with physical and emotional pain, there is much more understanding that needs to be in place to really use this to your benefit.

Are you trying to overpower your pain? Do you feel your body isn’t to be trusted or goes against you? Do you feel like you can’t really listen to your inner guidance especially around your pain?

The positive thinking movement has been helpful to many but has also been one-sided at times. It isn’t always taught as a piece of a larger understanding of who we are and how we experience our lives. It has become about thinking, thinking and more thinking. There is more to it than that. There are other aspects that need to be incorporated to get the full benefit and see tangible results in your life.

After 11 plus years of working with clients and teaching, I have noticed that some tiny yet profound tweaks in the understanding of all of this, can create powerful results for someone to move forward on their own healing and spiritual journey. 

Some people think they are feeling, and are not. Some people are fighting themselves. Some people are disconnected from their bodies most of the time. Some people focus so much on the ultimate outcome but have no idea how to bridge the gap between where they are to where they want to be. 

If you feel like you are fighting yourself internally, fighting your body, at odds with yourself, struggling and not getting anywhere really, this class is for you.

If you feel like you have a decent understanding of how “feeling” is so important, yet you still have some areas where you feel stuck, this class is for you.

Feeling is the missing link for many people. (Feeling does NOT mean “no thoughts” by the way.)

If you have a want to:

-Learn how to make friends with your body so healing can occur.

-FInd your “missing link” in your perception of your pain, so you can move forward.

-Feel like you are moving forward on your journey with what you are struggling with physically or emotionally.

This class is for you.

In this 1 hour class (from the comfort of your own home) we will go over many aspects around feeling, pain, your thoughts and the journey of creating your reality. There will be time at the end for live Q and A where I can answer your questions. 

Thursday, November 9th at 8:30pm EST



$11 to Listen Live

$22 Listen Live + Recording- Best deal! 

My classes are always chock full of information and insight. You might want to listen again to catch it all!

It will be for sale after the call for $33 so if you are interested, get it now to save, so you can have it forever,  


How to: Click on Nov 9 on the calendar, then click on the class. It will then direct you to pay and sign up!