The soul must create. It must move energy through to manifestation. We are creators. From the inside of our bones to the outermost parameters of our energy field, we must create.

Every moment we are creating whether we are aware of it or not.  We create the mere essence of the moment. And in the container of the moment, we can and must endlessly create. Create all sorts of things. Create meals, conversations, art, movement, music, spreadsheets, clean windows, folded clothes, connection with others, our feelings and more and more and more.

We all create but we all don’t always create from the depths of our desires. Those deep callings to be seen and witnessed through our creations.  To be seen for the beauty, the vulnerability, the uncertainty of it all as it’s birthed, then put out into the world.

We all fumble, fall into perfectionistic and therefore procrastinating tendencies, massive resistance to starting and completing, among other patterns. It’s all there in the human experience.

In those moments of creation, though. When the linear thoughts of judgment and comparison quiet and you are there with your expansive and glorious being creating from your deepest desire, there is rapture, there is sacred, there is the dance of the journey.

This journey is so familiar to me. I am in awe of the process. I witness the unfolding. The subtle desire to avoid completion. The thoughts that something else is more important to accomplish. But then there is the desire that pulls me closer. The wave I am familiar with riding. The deepest knowing that it must come through. Now I flow with it. It wasn’t always a flow. No no. It was a fight, a floundering. Somehow I’ve graciously found flow…much of the time.

Glorious flow. The feeling of being completely useful in the world through my expressions. The alignment and wonder of the journey and the completion. The feeling of deep fulfillment as I speak and write my words, dance my dance, teach my knowings, connect with my touch and my being and much, much, much more. The artistry of the creative process. There is this wave or arc to it.  Sometimes needing more push up that arc than other times. It’s so worth it. It’s so needed and necessary.  It is the evolution of the soul as a human being.

If we don’t create we get frustrated, pent up, bland. We forget what we are meant to do in the world. We forget how we are meant to be useful. How we are meant to express and how good it can feel to do it. We dim.

Let’s not forget our creative callings. What if we went with those whispers or those shouts from our soul to create? What if we put it as a priority for the health of our being? What if all that was required of you was to listen…to show up….to take the next step? What if it wasn’t about performance critiques, comparisons or tough, tough love? What if it was about the now moment?  What if it was flowing? What if it was essential and tangible? What if?

What do you say? Are you in?

Come dance with me…..


Until Next time……

XO, Vanessa