One of my teachers would reference “the taste of a peach.” He was my yoga philosophy teacher, and his teacher would give him this same metaphor. We can talk all about what a peach tastes like. It tastes sweet, juicy, it tastes a little like…etc.  But can words really ever describe the actual experience of tasting a peach? Not even a thousand words could ever describe the taste of a peach, or the color purple, or wind on your face, or the infinite experiences we get to have in physical form.  

My teacher would speak of this in reference to our spiritual experiences that we have, how we can truly never really describe them in words.

It is the same with feeling.

We can discuss feeling, we can discuss our pain, we can describe it, and we can label it. All are a necessary and valid part of the healing experience. However many don’t move into the actual feeling. Of course, you are feeling somewhat, you feel pain, you are suffering emotionally, physically, mentally on some level (remember it is never all good or bad but a blend). However, feeling goes much deeper.  This is the primary thing I work on with people. There are many other aspects to what a person needs depending on their situation, but it all comes down to feel. Feeling is awareness, awareness is clarity, clarity is power to decide to choose.

Feeling is power.

What is feeling?

The ability to feel your body. The ability to feel and be aware of your sense of feel in your body, in your emotions, mind and energy space.

Where is the gap?

The gap is from thinking about feeling, wanting to understand what is going on from a mental level, wanting to know what will happen 5 steps ahead, wanting to know if something will or won’t work, wanting to have evidence, wanting to have mental knowledge…..


Knowing via feel. To feeling in the moment. To having the tangible experience (like eating a peach) of what is happening inside presently.  Feeling, which enhances your awareness. To focusing on feeling more than the thinking process.

Why is it so important?

Your power is in feeling. Your solutions are in feeling. Your freedom is in feeling. 

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