I promise you, you will get more accomplished when you let go of rushing.

Rushing is an energy of lack. It also has varying degrees of fight/flight and stress responses. It is also a forward pulling energy that feels:
Like I can never catch up.
Like I never get enough done.
Like I am always 2 steps behind.
Like I have a never-ending to-list.
Like I have to muscle through it all and expend lots of energy.
And the list can go on…feel free to tune into your body and notice what the internal perspective of rushing feels like to you.
It can be sneaky, hanging around as your normal state of being. But when you sit into a place of space, and “always having enough time”, being in more presence….it is a world of difference.
You will get more done with ease simply because you have shifted a paradigm of how you relate to time. Time is not as fixed as we think because our perception of time varies greatly. Think about it. The common saying “time flies when you are having fun” is proof of our relationship to time. Time can feel like it is moving slow, fast, expansive, or constricting or anything else you want.
It is a matter of shifting your inner paradigm. You will be surprised how much can be seamlessly done when rushing isn’t your normal inner state.
I have existed in rush many times in my life, especially as a mom, business owner, wife, friend, and everything else. There are many things to get done daily, yet it is life-sucking to exist in a rush state! And I have done it a lot!
Yet I also know what flow feels like and I rather exist there. Rushing can be like that quick fix, that sugar rush, yet it isn’t sustainable. It might be something you go back to because it is familiar, but is it serving you?
The more we add in the self-care that works for us in our moment to moment life, the more we can shift out of the rush and into present moment flow.
The thing that trips people up is that they expect a miracle right away. They might not realize they are existing in high levels of stress and anxiety then expect to take a few deep breaths and feel grounded and centered immediately.
It doesn’t work like that.
Think about a crescendo or a decrescendo, or a dimmer switch on a light. You have to finesse a bit. Give yourself the GRADUAL space to get there. Take it down, layer by layer, breath by breath…NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.
If you feel like you have been pulled out of yourself more than you want to be lately and overtaken by the rush of chaos in the world, I encourage you to take time to go within and become more aware of what you are presently feeling. Take an inner flashlight and see what is inside. Then decide what you want to feel like more often and give yourself time to get there.
Right now it is easy to get pulled out of oneself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You are being called to anchor into yourself more than ever and listen to your OWN inner wisdom for direction.
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