As you land in new places on your inner growth, spiritual expansion, healing, and ascension journey, you might find that your ability to masterfully self-regulate gets more clear and necessary.

You might come to places inside yourself where you know you are acting from past learned beliefs about how things “should” be and realize they actually don’t serve you. This can feel like ripping a band-aid off, it can feel like a seamless transition to something new, or it can feel like walking through the marsh to get to a new riverbank you have never been to. Either way, these feelings of leaving the old ways of being can come with guilt and self-blame for not doing it the way you “should” do it. For not doing it the way “so and so” told you. For not doing it the way that you were taught to be the right, healthiest, most acceptable way of doing things. Because what is right, healthiest, and most aligned for you won’t be for someone else.
This is a hard concept to really own and embody because humans as a whole have been regulated from the outside instead of being taught to regulate from the inside. This would take owning that the human being is innately intelligent, genius, and has the ability to learn, adapt, and grow as desired.
Yet this has not been what many humans past and present adopt as truth. How many humans lead, and how many humans teach others. This is mainly because they do not have the inner knowledge and experience themselves about their own consciousness. Trusting yourself more to know what you need each day, each moment can feel like dancing a line between what you were taught and who you ARE. As you trust yourself more on your journey you become more aware that the way in which you function in your life, in your routines, rhythms of your day won’t always be the same. At times we must give ourselves conscious permission to play with the possibility of a new way of being.

Trust can be a scary thing. Where does trust come from?

For the past many years, my main goal has always been to help people find and anchor into their own truth, their own inner guidance, compass, or how many call it, “intuition.” That at a core level, you are truly a unique human being and your path is yours. The path of healing, expanding, and growing in the places you desire is not about someone like me doing it for you, but for someone like me holding space, facilitating, guiding, and supporting the process.
There is not one other human on the planet that can tell you what you should do in every moment. If they do, I promise you they will be inaccurate. So what would happen if many more people develop trust in their own ability to self-regulate and listen to their own inner guidance? What would happen if those that are already doing it, could take it to the next level?
This is a time of great transformation for the entire planet. A time where we as unique individuals and collectively have come to many precipices of huge shifts. We then choose what to do next.
Feeling unsure, confused, and lacking the ability to self regulate and really KNOW what the best next step is can cause greater levels of anxiety, stress, and mental circles. This isn’t a fun place to exist. We ALL know what that is like. Yet to go within…..this is where we find what we are looking for. Join Listen Within course and go to your next level of embodied living in 4 weeks. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND JOIN